Self-Portrait Journey


My blog, Paisley Rain Boots, began because of a self-portrait photography class. Spring of 2012, I barely knew anything about photography, let alone self-portrait photography, but that didn't deter me from signing up for an on-line course about it. As with any self-portrait class, you start off gentle, photographing your feet, I guess most people don't hold judgement against their feet or at least their shoes. 

It was a particularly rainy spring, so I spent a lot of time in my rain boots. Class assignments and homework were shared on the photo sharing site Flickr. I got so many compliments on my paisley boots that some how I got the idea in my head that it would be an unique name for a blog. I was also taking a "how-to start blogging" class at the time. I knew even less about writing than I did about photography, but again that wasn't going to hinder me from trying. 


Over five years later and these paisley rain boots have been everywhere with me. I consider them a necessity, just as much as my camera and my pen. 

I still write Paisley Rain Boots, the growth that space holds is beyond what I ever imagined five years ago. I regularly take day adventures, have occasionally done solo overnights, and even took one week-long adventure to Pennsylvania to meet a photography friend to photograph the autumn color. 

I still love doing self-portrait photography, but I have moved beyond only photographing my feet. To be able to capture myself in the places I love requires patience, determination and confidence; as people watch me run back and forth between my camera and my pose position. 


But as always I won't give up, I will only continue to push myself to improve.

Sarah Huizenga