Sarah Huizenga



About Sarah

My journey of self-discovery began in the fall of 2011 after sending my only child off to college. As she began her own journey, I knew I needed to do the same. I quit my part-time retail job, quietly grieved her absence, and then immersed myself in photography. I had always been the family documenter, with many scrapbooks to prove that, but I wanted to really learn photography, not just take family snapshots. Many on-line classes and communities of fellow creatives followed. With each class I learned what I liked and what I didn't like, I slowly began to develop a style. A style that continues to evolve still, six years into the journey.

I love wandering adventures in my paisley rain boots, the shore of Lake Michigan, early mornings, a muted color palette, and horizon lines.

I am a dog lover even though we are currently without our own, having lost my furry best friend, a golden retriever named Scout, in the fall of 2016. For now I settle for "babysitting" my grand-dog, Findley, two afternoons a week. 

The best days are days spent with my husband on "date days" or with my daughter for a girls' adventure day, or sipping a chai latte at a coffee shop, people watching and spinning stories. 

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.
— Earl Nightingale

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